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Observatory Tower

Climb up these 54 feet structure to see the forest from a new perspective. On every level of the 5 platform- tower, observe different scenery and you might spot different lifeforms. Is that a pair of hornbills flying pass? Are those Bornean gibbons hanging around? Ohhhh a mother wild boar and her babies foraging on the ground. Bring your binoculars along so you will not miss anything.

Guided Jungle Trekking

Start your trip with us by going on an introduction trek to get yourself accustomed to the micro-climate in Kawag Forest. Our in-house guide will help you arrange your treks and walks according to your personal preference and fitness level. There are a choices of morning walk in the crispness of early morning, afternoon walk when the sun is bright, evening walk and night walk.

River Tubing

Trek upstream for 45 minutes on Sungoi Trail to get to the starting point before letting yourself flow with the current 1500 meters down Kawag River. This unforgettable tropical fun is feasible when weather is clear and water level is deep. Just lay back on your giant rubber tube and enjoy the blue-sky green leaves and darting delicate damselflies as you drift comfortably on the river for about an hour.

Stream Walk

A pleasant forested track that follows the tributaries of Kawag River. Stream walk covers a riverine route of 500 meters and suitable for all fitness level. Set your own pace but be prepared to get wet wading through shallow clear streams. A great way to get exposure to aquatic animals and environment. Put on some sandals, quick-dry attires and pack your waterproof bag for this!

Alibaba Waterfall

This gem of nature is roughly 2km away from the lodge. After a 1.5hours trek through forest in tropical humidity, you will find a swim at the amazing Ali Baba Waterfall very welcoming. This waterfall has several rocky pools at every single tier of its cascading waterfall. Take in the scenic view, breathe in the fresh air, feel the cooling water and listen to the calming sound of water.

Fish Massage

You can find our all-natural fish massage available at the river creek nearby the lodge and also at the bottom of Alibaba Waterfall. Soothe your tired limbs in the coolness of the water and let the school of tiny scavenger fish nibble and exfoliate your skin. These little talented masseurs will bring a unique sensation, a combination of tingling and gently nudging.

Night Drive

Get onboard our customized truck and seize the chance to search for nocturnal animals in their biological habitats. The 90 minutes ride through the mysterious shadowy forest is a magical experience. Our in-house guide with their heightened senses could hear creatures in the dark and see their eyes reflections in lights revealing the wild and wonderful to you on your night drive.

Night Walk

A quest to seek night-time fauna and creepy crawlies on your own two feet. It is a journey of discovering reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids that are otherwise sleeping or well-hidden in the day. Your trip in the rainforest will not be complete without a nice walk at night. Frogs with their funny songs, huge beetles in their armor suits, Bornean tarantula, samba deer, owl, and so much more.

Limestone Cave

There is part of a natural limestone cave accessible just next to the Observation Tower. Here is a fun fact, picking up carbon dioxide as it falls, rainwater turns into weak acid. Over the course of a long period of time, rainwater dissolves the limestone wall, until it eventually become enlarged enough to form a cave. Now the limestone cave becomes home for insectivorous bats and fruit bats of the region.

Bird Watching

There are numerous locations for bird watching in Sabah and Kawag Forest is one of it. While birding at any time of the day would yield you a few sightings, early morning is the time of the day when birds are most active. At these early hours, their songs are also often louder, livelier and more frequent, scientist call it the dawn chorus. Bird watching at 6am and you are welcomed to request a packed breakfast.


This strategic location is accessible after a 1.2km trek from the lodge. Depending on fitness level, it usually takes about 1.5 hours. To catch the sunrise from Viewpoint, start your trek at 5.30am with our in-house guide. The early workout will not only offer chances to meet up animals but will rewards you with the spectacular views of rising sun from the misty tropical treelines.

Outdoor Dining

Have you ever taken your breakfast 56 feet above ground among the tall tropical trees? As you eat your first meal of the day, in the light of the fresh sun with birds chirping around, take in the beautiful view of mother nature from a new perspective. This exclusive outdoor dining experience only in Kawag Nature Lodge.

Forest Biking Trails‌ - Coming Soon

Our off-road forest biking trails will ensure you don't lose out on fresh air and exercise while staying with us. Kawag Forests around the lodge offers an interesting network of cycling trails that will let you explore the wild in a fun way and to keep you active and invigorated.