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Our Forest

Kawag Forest is gazette as Class 1 Protection Forest Reserve. This class of forest is conserved primarily for environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation of habitat for endangered wildlife. They are strictly protected by Malaysian law from any form of land conversion or timber exploitation. ‌ ‌Kawag Forest is part of the Ulu Segama Malua (USM) Forest Reserve which is managed by the Forestry Department of Sabah. The vegetation consists of lowland dipterocarp forest and is among the most interesting and biodiverse forests in Sabah. Together with ten other forest reserves, it forms 242,884 hectares of large continuous forest landscape that connects different types of forests in the central part of Sabah, providing viable habitat for many species of wildlife. This forest expanses are of utmost importance as natural buffer of ecosystem function for the pristine Danum Valley Conservation Area.

Our Rivers

Kawag River running closely by the lodge is one of our exclusive natural attractions. It is home to a rich biodiversity of aquatic creatures and wildlife. You will enjoy the fish that nibbles on your skin, sunshine reflected from colorful wings of hovering dragonflies and if you are lucky, enjoy sighting the group of otters bathing in the river. ‌ ‌ This 10 – 15 meters wide river is nicely bordered by rocky banks with white sandy strips at certain spots. Framed by the forest, relaxing riverine sites are ideal for leisure activities such as picnic or a stroll. On good weather, clear cool water runs refreshingly, allowing more water-based activities such as river tubing and swimming. Exploring the tributaries network of Kawag River will bring you to different waterfalls.

Our Rocks

The property of Kawag Nature Lodge is underlain by some of the oldest geological formation found in Sabah. The lodge literally sits on crystalline basement of approximate 200 million years old. ‌ ‌The oceanic crust, which was formed in deep water setting have since undergone deformation, causing it to be folded, faulted and uplifted through geomorphological processes and created narrow canyons, waterfalls and rock pools in one of the Kawag River tributary. Gabbro deposits overlay most part of Kawag Forests. Gabbro is an empowering rock, which is believed to balance the yin and yang energy, increase focus and mental clarity as well as many health benefits. Hence your stay with us in KNL will truly be a healing and therapeutic vacation.

Our Lodge

The alluring architectural design of Kawag Nature Lodge adopted the environmentally friendly concept of minimizing impact on soil and vegetation, at the same time allowing curious wildlife to roam freely in the vicinity. This is possible by constructing all rooms and the main building aloft, connected by hoisted boardwalk. It is not uncommon to see deer, civet, monitor lizard and even elephants foraging on the ground beneath the Belian boardwalk. Belian timber, a strong and beautiful hard wood perfectly integrated the lodge with its tranquil natural surroundings.


Elevated boardwalk functioned to link up the property facilities including the main building and Observation Tower with guests rooms. This reduced foot traffic on forest floor and allow easier movement especially for family. ‌ ‌

‌The lodge provides 24 hours electricity supply by our canopy generators which enables the hot water system for your shower in your room. There is a restaurant with open air dining area that cater to full board meals, inclusive in all guests’ package. In the main receiving area, there is a front desk to ensure efficient guest services. Free WIFI available at designated communal area. Kawag Nature Lodge is a smoke-free property.

Our Rooms

We have 20 rooms with balcony equipped with either aircon or ceiling fans. There are options for twin sharing or double room. All rooms have business- friendly amenities which are desk and chair. Bathroom amenities offered are shampoo, soap, toilet paper and bath towels. In the room there are power plugs, a safe and slippers for the convenience of guests. Housekeeping service is provided upon request.

Our Trails

There are 8 trails through Kawag Forest around the lodge that provides different type of rainforest experiences. All trails need to be guided except the SGN Trail (162m) which is the shortest and can be self-guided. All our in-house guides are trained and experienced in the flora and fauna of the forest. Their guidance will enhance your trek with new information and tips. The longest trail is 1.8km and combining two or more trails in one journey can get you more adventures in the wild.

Our Wildlife

Wildlife in Sabah is very diverse and unique, nonetheless sightings might be stimulating as even the huge alpha Orang Utan or magnificent clouded leopard are well camouflaged among the dense forest cover. Most tropical fauna has protective coloration which allows them to blend into the background easily. With our in-house guides, it will be easier to spot animals. The most abundant primate in the area is the long-tailed macaque. Other primates are the Bornean gibbons, and Western Tarsier. Kawag Forest is the natural habitats of endangered Bornean pygmy elephants, pangolins and slow loris.